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Cathode Electro Deposition is one of the advanced coating methods used for automobiles and metal equipment. The water based spray ensures smooth, dirt free and precision coating of the object. Apart from being chemically resistant and mechanically durable, the technique is environment friendly.


The UNIT 1 is exclusively designed for CED Coating and is deployed with advanced systems to carry out the process as:

  • The plant has the capacity to take out lots in every 7 minutes with utmost precision and accuracy.
  • The company has installed well maintained hot water generators for heating procedures. The heating process is carried out under a controlled environment by using the PID controllers.
  • To eliminate any kind of oil and greasing substances, an ultrasonic degreasing system has been deployed.
  • A consistent sludge separation is required and to attain that, a phosphating tank has been used For sludge separation which consists of:
    • Two sludge Separation pumps
    • Sludge Separation Clarifiers for settling sludge
    • Sludge Separation filters for separation of sludge and phosphoric chemicals.
  • For proper monitoring and to achieveaccurate results, the firm has installed data acquisition and control system which helps in in maintaining process current and Temperature.
  • SCADA based control panels are use


  • The components which are to be coated are placed on jigs which in turn are hanged on carrier bars. The carrier bars rests on trolleys and are PLC operated for efficient control.
  • A transporter is deployed for picking up the carrier bars from loading station. This transporter will carry the component through various stages.
  • After completion of electro deposition painting process, the transporter carries the object to paint baking oven.
  • The next task is to bring back the loaded carriers to the cooling zone.
  • Finally the carriers are unloaded where they are checked and tested upon various parameters

Loading station
Transporter Line
Transporter Line
Transporter View
Baking OVEN
Process flow of CED coating