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Liquid Coating process is one of the conventional coating methods used to provide appealing finish and rust protection to intricate metallic components. The liquid coatings which majorly consist of a carrier solvent, pigment, resins is applied through modern spray guns to ensure class A finish. This type of coating is an excellent finishing solution for sensitive material.

Our UNIT II has special equipment for this conventional coating methodology in order to provide our customers the best possible finishing product. Every component received for liquid coating goes through following procedures:

  • First stage includes pretreatment and drying off which ensures a clean, porous surface which promotes smooth application of paint and also prevent under film corrosion after the coating process is complete.
  • At second stage, liquid paint is applied to metallic components through high volume / low pressure guns which ensures even application of paints.
  • The next stage is the curing process which is used to dry off the paint applied. The catalysts and acclerators used in the liquid process allow the parts to be cured at much lower temperatures (low bake) than with powder coatings (high bake).
  • Last stage involves inspection of the finished product and packing is done for dispatching purposes.


Liquid coatings do offer some advantages over other advanced techniques like:
  • First of all, liquid paint does not form as thick or heavy of a coat (measured in mil thickness) as in other coatings.
  • Secondly, liquid paint is an excellent alternative when working with very specialized paint colors that may be too difficult or time consuming to be color matched. This problem is encountered when dealing with metallic or high gloss colors.
  • In addition, liquid paint can be applied to any type of surface and does not require the use of heat to achieve curing.

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