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Electroplating is basically a process of electro-deposition of a thin layer of metal over another through an electro chemical technique. This is one of the oldest coating techniques used for protecting metals against corrosion. The zinc electroplating is one of the most popular forms of electroplating owing to its relatively low cost, protective nature and decorative appearance.


The Third Unit of Avon Coatings is specially designed to carry out the most popular technique of coatings and finishing. The Avon coating Team believes to set high standards I terms of quality and customer satisfaction. To ensure that, the plant has been installed with exclusive technologies

  • The Electroplating plant is supported by four tanks and two barrels of Zinc Electroplating along with passivation of different colors as per customer requirement.
  • The components to be coated are loaded on specially designed jigs and are made to undergo pretreatment processes
  • Subsequently, electroplating is done followed by trivalent passivation and a top coat
  • To monitor and control the process at every step, timers and temperature controllers have been installed at various station which results in better quality of work.

The zinc electroplating process can be used to coat metallic objects like nuts, bolts, washers and automotive parts, such as interior components and gas filters. It also provides an effective undercoat for paints, when high corrosion performance is required.

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